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Planning An Event:

Are you planning a conference for the corporate team? Need to arrange a workshop for your organization? Dreamed of planning a retreat for your fellow hobby enthusiasts? What about organizing a training camp to educate others on the field of your expertise?

Our extensive facilities help set the stage for a fresh approach to learning and leisure. We have over 40 meetings spaces to choose from which allows us great flexibility in offering a space to suit your needs. Our multi-purpose rooms are customized to bring your vision to life. We can offer our standard conference services as well as assist with budgeting and helping you to customize a program or training camp.

Our clientele are very diverse; as are we. Our unique facility has allowed us to offer our services to government departments, corporate businesses, non-profit associations, youth organizations, and groups with personal interests too! We have experience with hosting reunions, banquets, weddings, and hobby retreats as well! We can help you plan an upscale, black-tie event or a modest, economy service as well. Just tell us what you need!

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