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Improving Board Governance Practice

As a board member have you considered the following?

  • What are your responsibilities as a Board Member?  
  • Could you be personally liable when Canada Revenue calls?  
  • If there was fraud in your organization how quickly would it be uncovered?
  • Do some Board Members want to manage the organization while others see a different role for the board?  
  • What questions should you be asking the CEO and how can that become a comfortable part of ongoing procedures?

Join us as we review the answers to these and many other questions specific to your board.  We gather information before the workshop, review that information with you and then provide practical steps to move forward with what you’ve learned.

While individual workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your board the following is an example of how your workshop could be structured.  Many workshops outline proper governance but we go further: 

  • In advance of our workshop, Richard Bridge, Charity Lawyer will conduct a document review preparing him to provide advice on topics ranging from bylaws to board structure when we sit down together.
  • Mike Gushue, facilitator, will conduct a confidential survey to assess priorities and commonality of purpose, setting the stage for productive conversations when we meet.
  • At the workshop, Beth Earle, CMA will discuss the role of the Audit Committee and outline specific financial oversight practices that can help to strengthen board oversight as you move forward. 
  • Jonathan Ettinger, team building and youth leadership coach works with groups to strengthen communication and collaborative effort.

Our services can be provided in three modules:

Module 1: Document Review

  1. Review Incorporation documents and by-laws
  2. Review Mandate, Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan.
  3. Review current Board Structure and Practices
  4. Review Board Documentation

Module 2: Board Survey

  1. Confidential survey of board members to assess commonality of purpose; areas identified for improvement and priorities for strategic plan.

Module 3: Board Governance Workshop

  1. Results of the Document Review and advice for moving forward
  2. Current Board structure and discussion of best practices
  3. Discussion of issues and priorities - from surveys and documentation review
  4. The role of the Audit Committee and financial oversight
  5. Outline of practical next steps

Site and Agenda

Developed to suit your specific needs, this Governance Workshop is designed to start with Dinner on a Friday evening and conclude following a short session after lunch on Saturday and will take place at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre (ABCC).   
Nestled on the shores of the Annapolis Basin, the ABCC is a premier training facility and provides a tranquil setting to relax, relate and learn.

The following advisors work with ABCC and, depending upon your needs, may form part of the team delivering your workshop:

Richard Bridge, LLB a lawyer based in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is recognized as an expert in not-for-profit governance counsel and has practical board experience. His clients include a wide range of charitable organizations, foundations, non-profit organizations and philanthropists across Canada and around the world.  Courses Richard has taught include “Charities, Non-Profit Organizations and Co-operative Enterprises,” at the University of Victoria Law School; and “Law and Governance” for the Non-profit Management program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Mike Gushue is a management consultant specializing in strategic planning, transportation services and communications. He has consulting and managerial experience in behavioral management and behavioral safety. Mike has been involved with both corporate and local boards and has set-up not-for-profit organizations, created governance documents and advised the federal and provincial government on governance models.

Beth Earle, CMA, PFP, CAIB is a Certified Management Accountant with a career that includes Insurance, Banking and Hospitality and she is the CEO of Annapolis Basin Conference Centre.  With experience in municipal government, local and provincial boards, Beth has been involved in developing good Governance Principles from the board perspective and also in the implementation of Governance Principles from a management perspective; Beth focuses on putting the principles into practice.  

Jonathan Ettinger is the Program Development Coordinator for the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre with extensive experience in teambuilding, leadership development and communication facilitation both as a consultant and in a corporate environment.  Jonathan is an active youth sports coach.

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